Jim Faison- Drums/Vocals

Jim is from North Carolina, and the world has been his home since he was a kid. His Father was in the service, so he has traveled the world from an early age. Jim grew up in a musical household where Motown, and Gospel was always playing. He began his drumming at an early age. He played through High School, until he joined the US Army. After retirement, he began working for the Government, but he never lost his desire to play music. Never one to shy away from his faith, he followed his passion, and began playing in Church. It was there he put together a band, and began a journey that was very popular within the DMV. 

Jim's playing is considered very diverse. He can play traditional/contemporary jazz, while playing pop, rock, R&B, standards, and more. "I have always found music a absolute joy, while being a challenge, and a journey. It's always about the music, versus me. It's also about finding the good notes, and blending in well with the band." Being behind the drum kit has always been a happy place for me. Jim also plays percussion. His percussion setup consists of a plethora of shakers, rattles, tambourines, tune blocks, cajons, congas, bongos, rainsticks, whistles, and more.

As the newest member of Modern Vintage, Jim is very excited to play with this group of exceptional talent. Looking forward in seeing you soon.

Zujey D’Jesus - Percussion/Vocals

Venezuelan born, Zujey D' Jesus is a drummer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Fueled with an insatiable passion for the drums, she artfully combines various styles of drumming such as rock, pop, funk, reggae, and Latin.

Zujey began singing and playing the cuatro (four-string guitar) at age 4 and drums at age 15. Zujey also plays the guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, timbales, congas, bongos and other percussion instruments. 

In 1990 she joined Niños Cantores de Merida and went on tour nationwide. She had the privilege of performing at the Teatro Teresa Carreño in Caracas. She has performed with several venezuelan artist like Serenata Guayanesa, Quinteto en Canto, and Simon Diaz.

In 1998 while living in Venezuela she was invited by the Venezuelan embassy in the US to perform with cuatrist Hernan Gamboa. During her stay she performed in various establishments to contribute with a campaign to raise money for poor children in Venezuela.

In 2008 she performed as a special guest with the Coral Cantigas and The Washington Chorus at the Kennedy Center and The Strathmore.

In 2009 Zujey became the drummer
and backing vocalist for the original eclectic rock band, Woven Green. With the band she toured nationwide and released three CD's before parting ways to join the original alternative rock band Laws of Average where she performs as a drummer and backing vocalist, they're currently writing new material for the release of their second album and can be seen performing regularly in the Northern Virgina area. 

She's also the founder of the cover band Fusion Latina where she performs as a vocalist and drummer in many establishments in the loundoun county area 
She has been feature in different Local newspapers and nationwide Magazines

Zujey has had the privilege of playing with several bands in the US like Inkana, Ill Angelic, Wicked Jezabel, Lisa Lim's Band, Cyrenic, Mystick Warriors and Sazon Street, Zujey has played with a lot of great musicians like Luciano Rodriguez, Jose Gregorio Ruiz, Cesar Orozco, Gabriela Febres, Benito Gonzalez, Luis Faife, Rodner Padilla, Roberto Lovera, Jose Manuel Saavedra and Dani Cortaz. She'll soon begin recording a single and collaborating with recognized Latin grammy musicians and since August of 2018, MODERN VINTAGE!!!!

Zujey can be seen and heard performing regularly in Virginia, Maryland, and District of Colombia. She can also be seen on her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/drummerz81



Kevin Scannel - Percussion/Vocals

Originally from England, Kevin has spent most of his life in Arlington, VA. Kevin gained most of percussion knowledge working and learning from some very talented friends in the music field and business! Playing the  drums from the age of 12 to present, he has played in many bands to include "Nocturnal Inferno", "Sugar Daddies", "The Backburners", "Cops and Robbers" , "42 Years Later" and with "Modern Vintage" since 2014. Although Kevin departed as the primary percussionist for Modern Vintage in the summer of 2018, he still sits in with the band on occasion as a welcomed Alumnus!Kevin also sustains his spiritual passion musically playing contemporary rock with various church bands.