Gordon Johnson - Keyboards/Vocals

Gordon is a journeyman musician who has played keyboards and sung in many bands since 1981, all across the country. He's played pop, classic rock, alt rock, prog rock, R&B, soul, country, punk, new wave, new age, jazz fusion and a bit of straight jazz. His early training in classical piano honed his technique and familiarity with the instrument, and his close encounters with his Dad's a capella men's group, The Augmented 8, instilled a love singing harmonies. He has contributed keys to Lisa Taylor's Wammied CD, True North, and toured with The Platters Review.

Mind-blowingly amazing tune...


"Gordon is Modern VIntage's most recent addition as the keyboardist for the band. Having been in multiple bands in NOVA and adding tenor vocals to his outstanding chops on the keys, Gordon is a great addition to Modern Vintage with his decades of professional experience!"



Danny Steel-Keyboards/Vocals/Bass

Danny has performed sporadically over a number of years as a keyboardist/vocalist with various local groups.  At various times he has played society gigs in the Washington, DC area (Capital Hilton, Four Seasons, Shoreham, National Press Club, Ft McNair Officers' Club) as well as more weddings, New Year's Eve parties, and nightclubs than he could ever begin to remember.  Danny has played at roadhouses in West Virginia, beach clubs and weddings around the Chesapeake Bay area, and various venues in Baltimore, MD.  During that time he has learned to improvise in a number of different popular musical styles based on an understanding and application of music theory gained during the high-school and college years.  If the band is doing a rock song he can add some honky-tonk piano or blues-flavored organ accompaniment.  If the current song is in the country genre then Danny can play a bar-room piano kind of style.  If the song is in a 1950s 'rock & roll' style then a Jerry Lee Lewis type of style moves to the foreground.  If the tune is in a jazz vein then Danny will come up with some lush chords along with some tasty solos and maybe even a snazzy intro.  Primary musical influences include, in no particular order: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Steely Dan, and Yes along with bits of Genesis, Jean-Luc Ponty, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd and other progressive groups of the 1970s era.  Danny also provides lead and harmony vocals comfortably up in the tenor range and smoothly sings the high parts that most guys can't.  Based on his sight-singing skills learned back in high-school and college music theory classes he has rarely been observed sightreading the tenor part for a church choir on Sunday morning.