Keith Colella - Guitars/Vocals/Mandolin/Banjo/Percussion

Although Keith's first guitar was at the ripe old age of 5, the plastic guitar did not weather long and it was around the age of 11 when Keith picked up his first "real" guitar and learned to play. Transcripts from his mom recall him singing and dancing in his toddler years to pop hits of the 60s! He has diversified professional experience in, rock, pop, dance, country & singers/standards and is a guitarist vocalist with high energy who plays multiple instruments. With a vision to create music that transcends generations and moves "hearts and feet", Keith launched Modern Vintage with his fellow band mates in the summer of 2013 in metro DC.  Prior to Modern Vintage in metro DC,  Keith was the Lead Guitarist/vocalist for "42 Years Later" and  One Trick Pony and Tracer in NY. At various times through Keith's musical journey, he has had the pleasure to play with members of the following bands; Billy Joel, Steve Lauri(The Hollies), The English Channel(VA), Modern Mudd(NY), Elemenopy(LA- They are the current back up band for Comedy Jam)All You Need is Love(Canada), The Goodfellas(MD), The Cryers(NJ), The Apple Core(VA), The Blue Meanies(NYC), LSB (Holland), Hal Bruce and others. Keith has played at venues to include Fed Ex Stadium, Herndon Fest, Cherry Blossom, NY State Fair, weddings, restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, corporate events, special events and celebrations. Keith supports community functions and fund raisers while donating his time often weekly in the music ministry since 99. He also writes and records original music.

Keith's Gear: